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Our curtain and home textile services:

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1. Free advice on interior desing

home textile tips and useful ideas

2. On site measurements and advices

we will help you to choose the perfect design

3. Cornice installation

Don't bother! Let the professionals do the work.

4. Curtain sewing

our professional sewer for your personal needs

5. Sample sending in letter

request small samples of the fabric

6. Shipping & Home delivery

fast, easy and confortable



 Free advice and useful tips regarding interior design


We are here to help you anytime with our textiles, to make your home filled with harmony. If you have any questions, first check It’s also practical to read our F.A.Q. menu section, where we had set up answers for the most frequent and important questions, and aim to give you useful tips. If you have further questions, contact us at, or on our phone (+36/20/55-66-509). With questions about colour design, or style, you should send us a picture, so we can get a closer look.


 On site measurements and professional advice



You can’t decide which colour would look good?
You are not sure how to measure the windows in your home?
You haven’t got any time to look for the best solution?

Our professionals will help you in minutes to decide what will work out the best way.

When you purchase hometextiles or curtains from our store or webshop the following prices allpy:


Location of site
Cost Discount
In Pécs 3500 Ft order over 30.000 Ft  -50%,
order over 60.000 Ft -100%
In the 30 km area of Pécs 6000 Ft order over 30.000 Ft -50%,
order over 60.000 Ft -100%
Rest of Hungary km fee +1500 Ft/ hour

order over 100.000 Ft - 50%

from hour fees

 Cornice installation

We take under cornice installation at a 1000 HUF/meter. The shipping prices are the same as the price given at the on site measuring section. If the total amount of purchase reaches the given price, we let go of the shipping price, but this preference is not true for the annotation.



Curtain sewing

Our company takes under preparing the textiles bought in our store. (We don’t make tapestry-works) We count 150HUF/meter at the sewing. Machined bed coverings are made 1600HUF/meter. We’ll calculate the prices with special requests.

Sample sending in letter

We offer to send you a sample of the product (in a normal letter) which shows you the material of the fabric. (The sample is about 10x10cm) For the sample we need you to give us precisely the following information:
-the name of the curtain;
-the code of the textile;
-your name, post address, and phone number.
We can send samples only from the products in stock. Unfortunately we can not send out samples of fabric and furniture covers in our cut program. The sent sample will give you useful information of the fabrics texture
and material, but in case of bigger patterns it won’t give back the perfect colour shown on the pictures.


Curtain and home textile shipping and home delivery

Every written (sent in e-mail) order will be certified. Here we will give you the total price of your purchase; which contains the price of the shipping. We are always trying to offer the most referential solution for our costumers. Up to 2kg we can deliver by certified mail, above that by postal package or with curier service.
In the certifying we will give you our bank account number, where the price of the order is to be transferred.


Reliable: Leave laborious work of curtai sewing to our professionals.

Confortable: Choose your curtains and home textiles conveniently from home and receive delivery within days.

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